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Capturing Special Moments Is So Important

It isn't always easy as a photographer to always be on point, but it is necessary. Precious moments are always around us and as a photographer, managing to get those amazing moments that would otherwise be forever locked in our minds eyes is worth all the hard work.

My camera bag is always over my shoulders, my lenses at arms reach, and a camera in hand. It's amazing how much you forget. It's the brain's way of making sure you aren't too saturated with information. Luckily, in this day and age we have the means of using other mediums to preserve our memories. I have to admit that I feel very fortunate and grateful that we do.

Looking back at #oldmemories that have been tucked away on a hard drive are priceless. They always manage to bring some sort of happiness to our lives. I would encourage anyone and everyone to grab a camera, and start documenting your life. Think of it this way... It's a photographic journal of your life! How awesome is that!

This blog was inspired by my newborn daughter who has been through some tough times from the get go. She wasn't even half an hour old before she had to go straight to surgery. She has a strong heart and soul just like her mommy. I simply can't wait to capture her progress throughout the years so that when she is my age, I can show her what a strong little soul she was right from the start and even before that. #welcometotheworld little one.





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